About Cell Phone Buyers Recyclers 

We believe that reuse is the greatest form of recycling. We are committed to protecting our environment and giving all of our customers a fair deal on every phone they purchase from us and every phone we purchase from them.

Every time you purchase a used phone or sell your old phone, you are making sure another new phone doesn’t have to be produced. When you sell us your old phone you are putting into the hands of someone else who needs it. Any devices that cannot be resold are responsibly recycled in the United States.

When you buy and sell with us you also making the smart financial decision. Buyers keep more hard-earned cash in their pockets and sellers get some extra cash in their wallets.

Our mission is to make buying and selling smartphones easy. We have our home office in Dallas and physical stores in Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Houston, Texas. We are the number one choice for Texans looking for high-quality, reasonably priced, certified pre-owned smartphones and for Texans looking to sell their old smartphones for cash.

Through our website we are able to serve all of Texas, and the entire United States.

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